Galway Rovers set to Partner with Pro Performance

Pro Performance is excited to announce a partnership with the Galway Rovers! The Galway Rovers are a Premier Soccer Club in South Shore Massachusetts. They have been dedicated to helping soccer players develop towards their potential since 1980. Luke Vercollone, President of Pro Performance, former NE Revolution player, and current captain of Switchbacks FC  grew up playing with the Rovers and was a part of some of their original championship teams.

“I couldn’t be more excited to get involved with the club that has given me so much. I think I have valuable experience to share with these players and I am looking forward to helping them accelerate towards optimal performance!”, says Vercollone.

This partnership is an excellent fit for both Galway and Pro Performance since Galway wants to provide the best options for their players to excel in all aspects of the game. Pro Performance seeks to add a quality performance psychology dynamic to the club and is excited to partner with a club that is invested in their player's entire development and is looking forward to seeing the growth in their players!