BURNOUT - Avoiding and Treating Burnout in Sports

Burnout is a major part of sports that we cannot ignore. Each athlete has to understand themselves (their minds, emotions and bodies) in order to push themselves without getting burned out. When we are burned out, we aren't motivated, we lack the desire to play, we are more susceptible to injury, we don't perform as well and we don't find joy in the sport. 

3min expert VIDEO about Burnout

3 Effects of Burnout are:

  1. Emotional Fatigue - lacking passion and motivation
  2. Depersonalization - detach from sport and isolate yourself apart from it (extrinsic focus)
  3. Poor Performance 

5 Ways to Prevent and Treat Burnout are: 

  1. Variety - Change things up both on and off the pitch
  2. Time Off - take the time off given and get away from the sport
  3. Autonomy - take ownership and be a part of the training (personally connected)
  4. Have FUN - enjoy it - remember that it is a GAME
  5. Recovery/Relaxation - Give your mind, emotions and body ample time to recover and relax