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We present the latest science and research regarding Optimal Athletic Performance through simple and accessible Programs. With the personal assistance of experienced role-models, Pro Performance will elevate your game!





Our team of top quality footballers from around the world are looking to share their experiences, encourage, and build into your life! Get to know them as you grow in REAL Mental Toughness.

Mental Training Program

Pro Performance presents curated content (taught by professionals who have been there) for optimal performance. In our  21 lesson curriculum, you will grow as a player and person with the guidance of your mentor. For more details on the program click image below. See Sample Lessons here. 

  • It is great to have a mentor my child looks up to sharing and teaching this awesome content! It wouldn't mean the same thing coming from me - truly inspiring. Thank you!
    — Parent
  • I went from being a star player in high school to limited playing time as a freshman in college. My mentor helped me have the right attitude, perspective and mindset in order to get the most from these challenges.
    — Steve
  • My son's cross country team had a "Burpees Competition" yesterday and he won! He said it came down to mental toughness. Even though he is just a scrawny freshman, he was able to get the most Burpees in 6 minutes! He has really improved his mental toughness and confidence through this great Program!
    — Parent
  • Luke has worked with my son for over 8 years. During that time, I've seen Sam make tremendous improvements as a player. Luke has been a great role model and positive influence for my son!
    — Chris, Father