JAMES RILEY, Luke Vercollone, and Jordan Burt

Founded by players, for players. James, Luke and Jordan have always been passionate about being a positive impact in their communities, even before their pro careers began. Since going pro, it has been their mission to make the most of the amazing opportunity and to use their platform to elevate others for success on and off the pitch. Their friendship and unique passions lead to the mission that Pro Performance has been built off of: "to inform, inspire and impact dedicated athletes through mentorship."


Dr Lee Hancock

Dr Lee Hancock, Pro Performance Co-Owner and Expert Guru

Dr Lee Hancock, Pro Performance Co-Owner and Expert Guru

  • Performance Psychology Coach for youth, pro players and Olympians (Performance Coach at 2016 Olympics)

  • Coach educator for different teams/leagues including US soccer as well as for MLS coaches, athletes and youth athletes

  • USSF National A Licensed Soccer Coach with 20+ years coaching experience

  • Curriculum and Program Developer for various sport groups and levels

Dr Lee met James Riley when he had an assistant coaching role in the MLS. He has also developed and implemented complete soccer curricula and coach/parent education programs for MLS and youth soccer clubs throughout the country. Dr Hancock is currently the Director of Player and Coach Development at the LA Galaxy South Bay and an active owner with the Pro Performance project. He seeks to provide the best curriculum in order to help players excel on and off the pitch!

Books written by Dr Lee