Curated content from optimal performance experts coupled with insights and stories from world class soccer players.



Receive personalized guidance from role-model pros and turn motivation into action, action into habits, habits into greatness.



Programs that will leave a lasting impression, develop real mental toughness, and build valuable life skills for on and off the pitch.

Pro Performance and Pacific NW Soccer CLub 

Pro Performance provides aspiring athletes mentorship from professionals who have acquired experience and wisdom throughout their career. Pro Performance has curated the most relevant mental training and optimal performance content and coupled it with advice and stories from our mentors. The result is an amazing cirriculum that captures the tribal knowledge of world class professionals. The combination of amazing content and mentors who want to build into aspiring athletes lives has proved to be transformational. We have teamed up with Pacific NW Soccer Club to provide aspiring athletes access to the some of the top players in Seattle! 


Meet The Mentors

Take a look at our mentors who have represent Seattle in the best possible fashion! All have recognized the importance of mentors, a strong mental game, and giving back to their communities. We are looking forward to building into your lives! 

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Mental tRaining Programs

Mentorship + optimal performance CURRICULUM 


Ages 9-12. Our Junior Program is 18 lessons that build foundational principles of success  and real mental toughness. 

  • Parents go through cirriculum with athlete! 
  • 6 Lessons (10 minutes each)
  • 3 Consults with assigned mentor (20 minutes each) 
  • Grouped with 8-12 athletes of similar age and ability.
  • $65



Ages 13 and Up. This 24 lesson program brings together world class content with stories from our mentors. 

  • Parent participation is optional!  
  • 8 Lessons (15-20 minutes each)
  • 3 Consults with mentor (20 minutes each)
  • Grouped with 8-12 athletes of similar age and ability.
  • $65

Phase 1: Ignition


Phase 2: Elevate


Phase 3: Excel

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