Learn the principles of success and optimal performance techniques that pros live by! 



Curated content from optimal performance experts coupled with insights and stories from world class soccer players.



Receive personalized guidance from role-model pros and turn motivation into action, action into habits, habits into greatness.



Programs that will leave a lasting impression, develop real mental toughness, and build valuable life skills for on and off the pitch.

Program Details


Mental Training CURRICULUM

Lesson 1:  Real Mental Toughness - Click to view free lesson
Lesson 2:  What's your WHY?
Lesson 3:  Growth Mindset
Lesson 4:  Goal Setting & Vision
Lesson 5:  Talent
Lesson 6:  Motivation & Drive
Lesson 7:  Ignition      
Lesson 8: Teamwork

Mentorship From Pros

  • Engaging and interactive cirriculum
  • Pros build into your teams individually and collectively 
  • Two, 30 minute consults with a mentor
    • Go over cirriculum
    • Share meaningful stories to inspire athletes
    • Build into players through accountability and encouragment

Super Y League: Sign Up

Or call/text/email Jordan Burt at 574.612.4046 or Jordan@properformance.guru

Super Y League Team Mentorship
400.00 800.00

Cost Per Team

  • 8, 15 minute lessons
    • Optimal performance content crafted by Dr. Lee Hancock
    • Coupled with stories and advice from pros
    • Soccer specific, engaging, and interactive.
  • 2, 30 minute consults with one of our mentors! 
    • Players build a relationship with a pro
    • Take fundamental knowledge learned in the lessons to the next level
    • Mentorship: encouragement, buy-in, accountability, and inspire players to take action
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