"When I started working with Luke (at age 9) I was hardly a recreational soccer player who couldn't juggle the soccer ball. I am now a starter and a top player on the Academy Team. Luke has helped me stay focused and motivated towards developing my talent, continued improvement and work towards my goals." - Sam, Mentee

"As a sophomore in college I had some setbacks and found myself frustrated and sitting on the bench. My mentor helped me realize that the frustration is ok.  He helped me to focus on the controllables and re-channel my emotions towards more productive areas. I feel I have developed true mental toughness and become a better person through this Program!" - Jenny, Mentee

"I went from being a star player in high school to limited playing time as a freshman in college. My mentor helped me have the right, attitude, perspective and mindset in order to get the most from these challenges." - Steve, Mentee

"Luke has worked with my son for over 8 years. During that time, I've seen Sam make tremendous improvements as a player. Luke has been a great role model and positive influence for my son!" - Chris, Father of Mentee

"Steven is getting a lot out of the Program already! He is a shy kid, but competitive. He knows the importance of the mind in sports and will definitely be able to put this material to good use!." - Jean Marie, Mother of Mentee

"It is great to have a mentor my child looks up to sharing and teaching this awesome content! It wouldn't mean the same thing coming from me - truly inspiring. Thank you!" - Parent

"My son's cross country team had a "Burpees Competition" yesterday and he won! He said it came down to mental toughness. Even though he is just a scrawny sophomore, he was able to get the most Burpees in 6 minutes! He has really improved his mental toughness and confidence through this great Program!"