Professional athletes are well respected and our culture has given us a platform. We are looked up to as role-models whether we want to be or not. As Pro Performance Mentors, we take the opportunity to be a positive impact on the lives of dedicated athletes VERY seriously. We want to put our platform to good use. While we seek to instill numerous virtues, character traits and life skills into our mentees, the "3 Key Virtues" that we emphasize are:

1) RESILIENCE - Grit; Perseverance towards long term goals. We seek to strengthen our students' ability to adapt to challenge and adversity.

2) OPTIMISM - We want our students to have a Positive Attitude and see the future with hope and confidence. We strive to instill the "Growth Mindset" and view everything as an opportunity to learn and grow.

3) COURAGE - We help our students gain the valor and bravado to confront their fears and other difficulties.